Salomon’s hiking collection for men is packed full of this season’s best and newest gear for outdoor adventures. With our best hiking shoes, clothing, and gear to choose from, you’ll be ready to hit the trails and explore the outdoors. Time to relax, head into nature, and find your own path.


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One step at a time. Every adventure starts with a first step, and at Salomon we want to make sure you’ve got the best sports shoes to get you through your journey. Find the perfect shoe for your sport in our collection of men’s sports shoes, whether you’re hiking in the high mountains, running every day on the road, training for long-distance trail running, or recovering in between. Technologies like Optivibe™ are built into our sports shoes to improve comfort and endurance by reducing vibrations, while tech like GORE-TEX Invisible Fit makes our shoes lighter, more flexible, and quieter. For trail runners, full rubber Contagrip® outsoles offer premium traction, while Profeel film protects your feet from sharp objects on the trail. Whatever your needs, whatever type of terrain, our shoes are here to help you PLAY every step of the way.