What is Contagrip®?

June 23, 2022

What is Contagrip®?

Contagrip® is an outsole technology developed by Salomon.

We have complete control over the design and manufacture of our shoes, and when we design a trail running, road running or hiking shoe with Contagrip® we’re able to achieve the very precise specifications that are needed to meet our community’s traction and grip requirements.

A Contagrip® outsole is a combination of a rubber compound and a lug profile designed to meet the needs of your playground and your discipline. We produce five families of Contagrip® soles developed for each type of terrain (mixed terrain, mud, road, snow and water) so that your Salomon shoes will always provide the best grip for everything from road running to trail running and from city strolling to backpacking.

Contagrip® All Terrain

The Contagrip® All Terrain outsole from Salomon is designed to provide confidence on a wide variety of terrain while also being exceptionally durable. It’s the ultimate all-purpose trail running and hiking shoe outsole.

The composition of the sole provides grip that adapts to all surfaces without sacrificing durability.

On Contagrip® All Terrain outsoles, the geometry of the lugs is designed to match the needs of different support zones for maximum versatility.

This means you can run and walk anywhere you want from wet forest paths to rocky mountain trails.

Contagrip® Mud

The Contagrip® Mud sole is designed for the wettest conditions and is one of the emblematic features of the famous Speedcross as well as the other Salomon trail shoes (e.g., the Cross collection) that are designed to run in mud and on loose surfaces.

The Contagrip® Mud tread compound is softer for maximum grip in mud and on slippery surfaces like roots and wet rocks and works equally well for running on soft snow.

The lugs on a Contagrip® Mud sole are especially pronounced for penetrating deep into soft ground. The wide channels between the lugs allow mud to clear quickly from the bottom of the shoe with every stride.

Contagrip® Mud is the sole you need for epic runs when the trail turns into a mud bog!

Contagrip® Road

Developed for maximum efficiency on the road, the Contagrip® Road outsole excels on flat, compact surfaces like asphalt.

The compound promotes friction on smooth surfaces for superior traction throughout the ground contact phase.  However, the Contagrip® Road outsole is also resistant to the most abrasive surfaces so that your footwear continues to perform, mile after mile.

Regardless of your power, the lugs on Contagrip® Road running shoes are wide and flat for efficient and safe propulsion.

With the Contagrip® Road outsole, you can focus on your pace without worrying about the grip provided by your shoes. 

Contagrip® Winter

For running in snow and very cold weather, you need shoes with a highly specialized sole like the Contagrip® Winter.

Due to its unique composition, the sole remains flexible even in the coldest weather to maintain grip and provide confidence as each stride takes you deeper into winter.

Like a mud sole, the lugs on a Contagrip® Winter sole are bigger to anchor the shoe effectively in the snow.
With Contagrip® Winter, even the worst weather won’t keep you trapped inside the house.

Contagrip® Water

When it comes to walking or running with your feet in the water, we also make a special outsole, Contagrip® Water, that will keep you from slipping with every step you take.

The sole’s composition makes it both durable and amazingly grippy on wet surfaces like rocks on a river bottom or the deck of a boat.

Wide, flat lugs, sometimes featuring a thin groove, create a suction effect that grips the surface regardless of the amount of water.

This makes Contagrip® Water the outsole for all amphibious adventures.

At Salomon, we develop our footwear starting with the interface between the athlete and the ground and work our way up. So from the very beginning, we naturally start the development of each new concept with our own Contagrip® outsole technology. And with five unique outsole families available, there’s a Contagrip® outsole that’s perfect for each of your adventures!