Lucy Bartholomew - Tarawera 100Miler Recap

February 20, 2023

Lucy Bartholomew - Tarawera 100Miler Recap

Lucy was crowned as the 100-mile champion (17:13:27) at the Tarawera Ultramarathon by UTMB, the 2023 UTMB World Series’ season opening event.

“Tarawera has been a race and place that I have returned to regularly since 2014. The people are my family and the trails feel like home to me. This year I was taking on the 100-mile distance which no matter who you are or how many times you’ve done it comes with uncertainty and an overflow of emotions. 

This was my first non-western states 100miles and it was really exciting to see how other courses felt, but I have been humbled by this distance before so I went in with the simple goal of taking on the day I was offered —  riding the rollercoaster of ups and downs and practising self-love in every moment.

Due to rain, the course was changed and instead of embarking on a large loop, we did a smaller loop twice with other participants in other events. I was constantly chatting with people, being cheered by people and sharing the good and the tough moments with others. It was a beautiful thing to be with a stranger in the middle of nowhere but feel so comforted by the fact that we were out there and in it together.

To cross the finish line in 1st place with my fastest 100-mile run ever and to have had a day where everything went fairly right and never too far wrong is something I am so grateful for. My crew, my pacer, the volunteers, the supporters and the runners were exceptional and I am so proud to have been at the 2023 edition of Tarawera 100mile" - Lucy Bartholomew.

Photos credit  - @kurtmatthewsphotography