Giveaway Winner Ursula Adams at Lucy Bartholomew’s Running Camp

November 14, 2022

Giveaway Winner Ursula Adams at Lucy Bartholomew’s Running Camp

I went about my day like any other.  My phone pinged notifying me of a message from Salomon informing me I was the winner of Lucy Bartholomew’s training camp!  My initial response was no way…this has got to be a hoax…I don’t win anything full stop.  But believe it or not the message was words of truth and I had somehow won myself and a friend a place on Lucy’s training camp. 

Ursula andJamis.Image by Josh Lynott

Onto the awkward part of informing the “friend” whom I barely even knew that I had unbeknownst to him, put his name down in a competition (already weird I know), to then having won said competition!  I had chosen Jamis after having met recently on top of North Brother Mountain and having vulnerably shared some of our internal battles of late and thought he could do with a boost of positivity (although I didn’t actually think I would win).  So, I picked up the phone feeling somewhat nervous and was like…. hey, do you like Lucy Bartholomew? Well, I’m glad you do because I kind of won us a spot at her training camp in Mount Buller can you believe it!  Luckily for me Jammy agreed to join me on the most memorable running adventure. Phewwwww   

Upon arrival the Jammy & Ursh show was full of excitement and energy!  Beaming at the fact we had just driven all the way from sunny Sydney to snowy Mount Buller and were about to go run some trails.  From the moment I arrived I felt a sense of connection and acceptance within an entire group of strangers.  Lucy’s ability to give a warm embrace on arrival like you are old friends to the thoughtful message that came in our journals made you feel a sense of relief that you were right where you were supposed to be in this moment. 

Lucy Bartholomew, Ursula, Josh Lynott andJamis.

Then there was calm, grounded, considerate Josh whose workshop brought us into reflective silence.  His questions posed thought around reactions and responses and how we can actively make tiny changes in our daily lives.  I took the time to reflect on how busy my life is, how often I don’t stop to go slow and my desire to switch off more often and just take a moment to breathe.  

The group out for a sunset run at Mt Buller. Image by Lucy Bartholomew.

The windy and elevated trails we ran up to the summit were incredibly majestic and watching the sun set over the horizon on that first evening was just beautiful.  Running through the snowy gums, cascading streams, granitebouldery outcrops and falling deep into the snow was something so picturesque.  Ursula running through the trails. Image by Josh Lynott.

I felt a deep sense of connectedness withall of the participants at camp.  This connectedness brought with it stories of hardship, hurts, struggles,bravery and an overall sense of comradery in just hearing each individual’s reasons behind their running.  That is what made this camp truly special. Each and every one of you who attended the camp and brought with you your unique story and weren’t afraid to share.  Image by Lucy Bartholomew.

The camp came to a closure and I once again expressed the wealth of gratitude I felt for being chosen to attend.  The tears started pouring from my eyes once it came time to say goodbye as the feeling to have felt included in such a supportive community of like-minded humans is a feeling worthy more than a thousand words.  Being a part of a community that is so wholesome is something I will savour.  

I hope I can be the positive inspiration that Lucy Bartholomew is to many other athletes out there in the community.  What her training camp brought to many of us was something truly magical I won’t ever forget. 

Words by Ursula Adams  @urshays 

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