Get to know our latest Salomon winter athlete - Tom Dewar

June 13, 2023

Get to know our latest Salomon winter athlete - Tom Dewar

Introducing Tom Dewar aka Dewy, our newest Salomon winter athlete hailing from various parts of Australia. From the serene landscapes of country Victoria to the vibrant shores of the Gold Coast, Dewy's journey has shaped his love for snowboarding.    

1. What is your name and where are you from?  
Hi, my name is Dewy or Tom. I’ve grown up all over Aus. In country Vic, Adelaide and on the Gold Coast beaches. 
2. How did you first get into snowboarding?  
My first day on a snowboard was on my 5th birthday. My Dad drove me from Adelaide to go snowboarding at Falls Creek. We went on family snow holidays some years but it wasn’t until I moved to Jindabyne around 19 years old that I really got into snowboarding. 
3. What influences your riding style? 
My style is very much fast and loose or slow and controlled, without much in between. I’m influenced by many different areas of snowboarding. Many riders have shaped my style, I want to be known as someone who can ride back country, all mountain and park and street. 
4. Best day ride day you’ve ever had?  
Not a day but the month of May 2018 in Whistler Blackcomb, Jersey Cream Park. Was the best month on snow I’ve ever had for sheer fun care free snowboarding. 
5. Craziest snowboard experience?  
Hitting a tree breaking my tibia, off piste on a 70cm pow day in Japan. Hands down the wildest experience I’ve ever put myself in. 
6. Other riders who inspire you? 
Some of the Salomon riders that come to mind are definitely Sven Thorgren, Dusty Hendrickson, Zak Hale, Tess Cody and Tommy Gesme. All of these riders have made such a lasting impact on me due to their individual style and character.  
7. Favourite board in the range?  
Definitely the 2024 Dancehaul. First time riding it around Japan earlier this season was so much fun, from dropping shoots or buttering groomers, it’s that good. 
8. What are your riding goals for 2023? 
Learn some new tricks do some more video shoots, rip in! 


Team Rider: Tom Dewy @tom_dewy
Photos by: Joel Rosella @__budge


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